House Bill 70
A bill was drafted for consideration that mimics the law passed in Utah in March of 2015.  The bill was passed by the NM House and the NM Senate but vetoed by the Governor.  To read the bill, click on this link:

Senate Bill 70
This bill sought the same end but was quite different from the House bill.  It was introduced in the Senate but never got out of committee.
To read the Senate bill, click on this link:

Six states now have laws on the books that address the counseling of hearing care clients on telecoil technology.  To read those laws, click on the link below:

In 2016, in addition to New Mexico, there was legislation considered but not passed in two other states (California and Colorado)  that would have mandated the counseling of clients on loop/telecoil technology.  Click on the links below to access the bills introduced in the legislatures of those states.